Our wine portfolio includes California Wines of our own production from Suisun Valley along with Italian Wines produced by smaller artisanal wineries of the Langhe Region in Piedmont. We are also the primary source of older vintages of Mankas Hills Vineyards wines. Scroll down to see our selection.

Please click on the wines to discover more about them and purchase them. Note that we currently only sell cases of 12 bottles.


California Wines



Mankas Hills Vineyards Wines

With the winding down of Mankas Hills Vineyards, Langa Cellars has become the primary source of older vintages of the  Contado Mankas, Mankas, Piola, Amelie, Mankas Crest brands previously developed  by the Rosso Brothers. The inventory of wines available from the owners’ reserve of these wines is listed below.


Italian Wines