About Us

Langa Cellars is a family owned and run business founded in 2015 by Mario Rosso and his son Andrea Rosso.

Mario learned artisanal viticulture and winemaking in his childhood directly from his family in Piedmont, Italy.  He developed a passionate taste for the vintner’s art and an appreciation for the best wine of the globe in his many peregrination around the world from Italy, to France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Australia, Argentina, South Africa and California. In 2000 he founded, with his brother Joe, Mankas Hills Vineyards, a leading producer of Cabernet Sauvignon in the Suisun Valley in California. The brands of Cabernet Sauvignon developed by Mankas Hills Vineyards earned great recognition at many international wine competitions and enjoyed a wide acceptance and distribution in the United States. Many brand developers in California and other states also enjoyed supplies of bulk Cabernet Sauvignon sourced directly from Mankas Hills Vineyards. During this period, the Suisun Valley AVA, where Mankas Hills produced its grapes evolved into a well recognized producer of prime Cabernet Sauvignon. In 2010 Mario Rosso also started importing into California a select portfolio of artisan wines from small wineries in the Langhe Hills of Piedmont, Italy complementing the production of Californian Cabernet Wine.

Andrea's experience and unique knowledge developed through practical training in the vineyard and at the winery while at Mankas Hills Vineyards. In 2015 when Joe, Mario’s brother, elected to wind down his activities in Mankas Hills Vineyards, Andrea decided to create with his father Langa Cellars to continue the family winemaking tradition and continue providing to the many customers in the United States the unique wines produced in Suisun Valley and in the Langhe Hills in Italy.

We are dedicated to enhance the quality of our inheritance and look forward to continuing growing our relationship with our customers.

In addition to the two founding members we want to acknowledge all the great stakeholders who have contributed to the success of our previous ventures: customers, distributors, suppliers, representatives and employees.